Whether you're renting, buying or remortgaging, the housing market has never been more difficult to navigate

Our mission is to create a fair property market that empowers your journey to homeownership. We support you over time, growing your deposit and improving your credit score, helping you become MortgageReady™ to move onto and up the housing ladder.

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Our platform that empowers the journey from renting a property to homeownership. Homely supports you each day, rewarding with HomelyBricks™ that enhance credit scores and build deposits, quickening the journey to becoming MortgageReady™. Once eligible we help find the best mortgage or ownership scheme to move you onto and up the ladder.

Our platform helping those looking to rent properties, including the opportunity to pre-qualify themselves through our TenantReady™ system and digitalising the move in process through our MoveReady™ system.

The future extension of our "For Renters" platform, providing the opportunity for homeowners to find better finance deals and a real understanding of when they might become UpgradeReady™ and able to move up the property ladder. Exciting features to be announced.